What is responsive web design?

Responsive websites, web technologies, html, css, php In your search for creating your new website, there is no doubt that you came across the term ‘responsive web design’ a lot. What does it mean exactly and why it matters to you?

Some years ago, most people used their PCs or laptops to navigate the world wide web, therefore their screen sizes where more or less the same. As time went by though, more and more devices with varying screen sizes that could access the world wide web begun cropping up. A solution was needed to accommodate the different screen sizes, platforms and device orientation.

The more traditional ways of designing websites made them very difficult to navigate while using the new devices. In the beginning, many website owners used to create multiple websites for different devices. One can easily see why this approach is far from ideal, because now you have multiple websites to maintain and update and for most the cost in time and money is outright prohibitive.

A more efficient method to website design had to be developed and therefore responsive design was born. By using various responsive web design techniques, designers can now create only one website that will adjust / rearrange itself beautifully on any device.

Having a responsive website is not optional anymore. More than 50% of website visitors are using mobile devices to navigate the internet and this number is constantly on the rise. Another serious reason is that recent changes in Google’s algorithms cause responsive websites to rank much higher in mobile searches.

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