Website Support and Maintenance

In order to ensure your website’s smooth operation, you will have to undertake a certain amount of maintenance every month. This amount will vary according to your site’s size and complexity.

Dynamic websites are usually built using various content management systems (CMS), that allow users who are not programmers or designers to interact and manipulate different elements of their website. A CMS will allow you for example to easily add and modify the text of your website as well as any images and other media on it.

Just like every other piece of software out there, a CMS needs to be updated periodically in order to remain secure and performant. Having reliable backups is also very crucial for the security of your website. A well thought backup strategy can save tons of time and money should a worst case scenario happen.

All of the above of course will require time and effort on your part, that will grow according to how big and complex your website is. Many of our clients don’t have the time for all these tasks and choose to delegate them to us. This allows them to focus all of their energy on their own customers and spend more time running their business.

For a small monthly or yearly fee, we will spend a few hours each month maintaining, updating and securing your website. We will also keep an eye on your SEO rankings and apply any modifications necessary.